Homeopathic Treatment

Homeopathy treats the person and not the disease itself. It is because of this approach most medical conditions will be improved with homeopathic prescribing. By understanding the totality of symptoms (mental, emotional and physical) homeopathic practitioners are able to choose among the great number of remedies the one that best matches the symptoms of illness.

The third principle of homeopathy, states that a “single remedy” is given at a time. Homeopaths not only prescribe a remedy based upon the totality of symptoms but will also consider the general susceptibility of the individual who is sick. They will consider heredity, environment and lifestyle habits such as diet, exercise and mental hygiene which may be factors of stress to the system that will block healing. Homeopathy will remove these obstacles to cure and restore optimal health.

Generally speaking, people affected with chronic diseases do not experience improvement in their level of health with years of conventional medical treatment. There is usually a limited benefit offered with medications and many patients find side effects to be intolerable or at the very least, of great annoyance. This is not the case when patients are treated with homeopathy. When the body’s natural defenses are optimized, as they are with homeopathic remedies, changes take place for patients that target the fundamental cause of the disease within an individual.

Homeopathy can treat long term conditions such as asthma, allergies, insomnia, recurrent infections, muscle pain, depression etc. as well as more acute conditions like allergic reactions, colds, flu and injuries. There may be some conditions requiring surgical intervention, at which time you would be referred for this treatment. However, the use of homeopathic remedies in conjunction with surgical procedures healing can minimize pain and shorten the recovery time.

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